5 Things to Know About Biden’s VP Pick, Kamala Harris

5 Things to Know About Biden's VP Pick, Kamala Harris
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

Spotting the vice president for candidate Joe Biden has to be a tough job. With so many options, he decided to choose someone who can increase President Trump’s odds of winning in the upcoming elections.

Biden’s announcement of his vice president left the entire country in shock. Why? For the first time in history, a woman, and a black one was chosen for the role. This time, it would be California’s, Senator Kamala Harris.

Biden chose Harris to share the office with him if he wins the presidential elections 2020. Indeed, this is the first time a black lady is named to take up a major presidential nomination’s roles and responsibilities.

However, the whole idea of choosing Kamala Harris was not a surprise for many. In fact, many suspected that she would be the frontrunner for the role. With the statement of Biden himself, the anticipations came to an end.

The big announcement

The centrist Democrat leader, Harris will be a crucial member of the party, and the presidential race for November elections. If Biden is chosen as the president, he will become 82 years old when his four-year term comes to an end. This means Harris will be an integral part of any decision, and she will be around his wing most of the time.

By the end of 2024, Harris will eventually become the successor of the role. The moment Harris turns into a vice president, her role in the Senate will be vacated. And, the person chosen to fill the vacant position is Governor Gavin Newsom.

Now, there are five interesting details about Kamala Harris and the full announcement, which the rest of the world is not familiar with.

Her Origin

Since the early 1980s, a Californian has not found a way in the ticket. Ronald Reagan was the last to run for re-election, and this happened in the year 1984. Reagan played an essential role in shaping the entire Republican Party.

From then onwards, California turned into a liberal state. In fact, it was a liberal state under Democrats too.

  1. A first generation candidate

The chosen vice president is from the first generation of Americans. She was born to two immigrants who visited America several decades ago. Her roots hail from Jamaica and India. Her mother was from India. And, her father was from Jamaica.

Before her parents met, they studied at the University of California, Berkeley. They married and raised Kamala Harris in the beautiful bay area.

2. Personal Bonds

It is believed that Harris is related to Biden’s extended family. She had a strong friendship with Beau Biden, the ex-vice president’s son. Beau Biden was an Attorney General in Delaware when Harris was an Attorney General in California.

Unfortunately, Beau Biden passed away in 2015 due to brain cancer. Harris is known for speaking about how she missed her close friend and even quoted Beau Biden in her biography. She describes him as someone she connected and talked to for hours.

3. A celebrated moment

As previously mentioned, Harris is going to be the first black woman running for vice president. The moment the announcement was made, it was celebrated as a historical event.

It is going to be the first time in America’s history, where an Asian American is going to run for a significant political ticket. Her mother hails from India, and this brings her Asian side.

4. A trailblazer!

Even before she was nominated for vice president, Kamala Harris was always a trailblazer. She was active and involved in most of the presidential activities much before Biden chose her to become the vice president.

In 2016, Harris was chosen to represent the state of California in the Senate. And, this made her the first black woman to take up this role. To date, she has played a crucial and successful role as a senator from California.

5. The celebrations!

It is strongly believed that black and female voters will celebrate Biden’s idea of choosing Harris. Angela Rye, a Democratic strategist in politics, revealed that picking Kamala is tremendous and overdue mainly because she is never a stranger to the system.