19 Charged With Voter Fraud In North Carolina

19 Charged With Voter Fraud In North Carolina
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Nineteen foreign nationals are battling with serious federal charges in the District Court of The United States Of America. These men were accused of fraud and illegal casting of votes, back in 2016 when the federal elections were on a roll.

Putting down a vote when someone is not an American is not only illegal, but also awfully fraudulent. It appears more like a staged offense. There were a few among the nineteen accused who were dealing with other criminal charges.

Non-citizens cannot cast their votes in any election. This is a fact that almost everyone is aware of. These men of foreign nationalities are not just non-citizens. They have filed an application for voter registration under false pretenses. Of course, there was some kind of major plan cooking.

While 18 among the arrested 19 voted during the 2016 federal elections, there was one man who reappeared and cast his vote in 2018 as well.

The foreign nationals are being held in custody and are facing various charges. It is only appropriate to state that all these charges are a serious felony. There’s a very slim chance of getting away after committing a crime of such a scale.

If you are wondering about the charges these nineteen men are being prosecuted for, let’s spill the beans.

Firstly, they are being accused of filing for voter registration under false pretenses. Documents filed at the immigration office are mostly inaccurate and false.

The list of offenses is pretty lengthy. The foreign nationals are accused of making false and misleading statements during the proceeding for naturalization, but that’s not all. In their statement to an on-duty federal agent, the non-citizens lied about obtaining naturalization. This is against the law and is an alarming felony. There is a question that begs to be asked — what were these nineteen accused men planning? What was their agenda?

Nineteen accused men were tracked and found to be staying put in areas all across North Carolina. They were taken into custody under felony charges from places like Chapel-Hill, Durham, Winston-Salem, and Greensboro.

According to the press release declared by the US Attorney reigning the Middle District of North Carolina, the accused could be sentenced for imprisonment. The tenure could be anywhere between one year to ten years. Fines will be imposed as well.

These foreign men putting up with felony charges will have to pay out fat checks for the fines imposed. The amount could vary from $100,000 to $250,000. It will be decided based on the felonies these men are accused of.

Three of the accused foreign nationals have opted for a reputable defense attorney named Helen Parsonage. She blatantly responded to the press hovering in and around the District Court. In her statement, she made it loud and clear that her defendants will be strongly defended. It will not be easy to knock her clients out. She also remarked, “It appears as though the cases were perfectly timed. Isn’t North Carolina prepping for partisan political affairs?” None of the defendants can be labeled guilty unless their crimes are proved in the court.

Manuel Efrain Valladares, a 48-year-old convict among the nineteen arrested, was bold enough to provide forged documents and make false statements to the authorities.

Very few details of the documents procured after the arrest was revealed. The allegations seem quite real. At least, the documents prove so.

Matters like these are probed and investigated by The Department of Homeland Security. The information retrieved and the documents procured by the authorities make it awfully clear that it was a straightforward breach of the law. As non-citizens of the US, casting a vote is a significant crime.

An investigation carried out by the Board Of Elections in North Carolina back in 2017 highlights a few crucial acts of crime. Voters, as many as 508, were ineligible to cast their votes. They did it anyway. Forty-one votes were put in by non-citizens of the country.

The worst is yet to come. The majority of the ballots in North Carolina were cast by adults who were either pronounced guilty for felonies or serving their time on probation.

Anyone serving a sentence is eligible to cast their votes only after they have successfully served their sentence and have been released. No one can put in a ballot while they are on parole or serving temporary probation. Unfortunately, the counts of voting fraud are pretty high in North Carolina.