10 Miles Of Cars Line Up For Trump

10 Miles Of Cars Line Up For Trump
Image From Kylie Walker Twitter Post Below.

According to the County paper, more than 2000 people gathered in Latrobe, Pennsylvania to take a look at President Trump. It was a hangar stop for the president. Seeing swarms of people running in to watch the President is quite striking.

Upon digging into some geography, there are three roads leading up to the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport. The traffic was dead shut on all three roads. That’s not all. The congestion of vehicles continued up to 1.5 miles, reaching the Township Unity.

The traffic snaked through the Country Club and almost 8 miles to Pittsburgh. Cars, wagons, trucks, motorcycles and other forms of vehicles were crowding the streets, hoisting flags in support of President Trump. Some chose to do some outdoor camping so they wouldn’t miss a shot at welcoming Trump in their humble County. Almost every yard in the county was decorated with Trump signs.

It was only four years back that the President won by a slim margin of 44,000 votes. Look at the overwhelming welcome now. It seems the polls will show a massive flip. President Trump is most likely loved by the residents of Latrobe.

Latrobe may not be a known county for many. However, for those who loved gulping down the “Rolling Rock”, the county will certainly be familiar. The cool green bottles of the drink were quite popular. Unfortunately, the brewing hub was boycotted years ago. Rolling Rock had vanished. It is only now that the people have started relishing the drink again.

Unlike the riots or protests with people clamoring “Black Lives Matter,” and torching down buildings, cars, and passing out gas bombs, Trump rallies are far different. It is quite the opposite actually. Rallies in support of President Trump are more of a joyride. It is quite similar to country music concerts or live rock concerts. People have a gala time and there’s a festive vibe in the air.

From the young to the old, men or women, locals or political egg heads, everyone chose to watch President Trump make an appearance. Thousands of people were stuck in traffic jams for the longest hours. There were no acts of misconduct whatsoever. People were cheering. There was laughter all around. The only time you would witness a frown on someone’s face was when the driver was putting in some real efforts to pull out the car from the muddy parking spot.

As soon as the sounds of the whirling helicopters were picked up, Phil Collin started orating. His first line was, “Tonight, in the air.” There were loudspeakers announcing the approaching of Air-Force One. The joyous crowds went nuts and were cheering way louder. The playlists were shuffled and as the National Helicopter was seen appearing in the sky, the only song that played was “Eye of The Tiger”. Isn’t this an impressive symbol of unity?

Two aged women had tears in the eyes, claiming they couldn’t reign in their emotions, and it was nothing short of a celebration.

The President was dumbfounded himself watching thousands of people cheering for him and applauding him for his actions. The masses clamored, “USA.’” It was an overwhelming experience for the President to soak in.

Donald Trump began his speech with a few praise-worthy lines for his dear friend, late Arnold Palmer. He vowed to the crowds that the Trump administration is hunting for every individual responsible for tearing down cities, looting, rioting, vandalizing, and bringing in absolute anarchy. Trump also promised that no one will have to bear the gross brunt of unemployment. Everyone will have a job.

Speaking of rioters and addressing them as bad trouble-makers, Trump went on to say that 400 of them have already been taken into custody. Not a single rioter will be spared. He reminisced how the Trump administration had battled and defeated the ISIS. “We are working day-in and day-out to rule out the China virus,” stated Trump.

It is time to do some real groundbreaking work. There are only 61 days left until Trump wins Pennsylvania. “There are not many farmer workers in the crowd, are there? Latrobe is brimming with skilled boilermakers. No one should dare to mess up with these brawny boilermakers,” chuckled Trump. There were many from Pittsburgh’s Local 154 in the crowd as well.

Look how Nancy Pelosi has been turned in by her own people. She wasn’t really following the protocols, even after being a lawmaker herself.

The 90-minute non-stop speech by the President was cheered by the crowds. Trump hit the sentimental spots of the cheering crowd just right. He went on to speak about the place being a commonwealth area. This is where the heroes of Gettysburg fought and saved the union. It is one hell of a place that marks generations of tough and strong-willed workers. From mining the coals to paving the railroads, people in this part of America can crack the hardest jobs. It contributes and makes America matchless in terms of power.

Trump declared how proud he was watching the crowds standing with him in his fight to make the United States Of America a flourishing and booming country.

What’s surprising to see is that there was not a single counter-protester in the crowd. All fans queued up to buy hats with the American flag on it and every little thing that supported President Trump. In a nutshell, it was a spectacular show and thousands attended and left feeling elated and secured.