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There are TWO solid things you can do, right now, as a Patriot to help save our great nation…

Since we are all watching the election being stolen by the radical left we need to stand together and fight. Never before in the history of our great nation has there been such an urgent undertaking needed by all patriots.

Let’s stand together and fight the invisible enemy that has taken over our country. We don’t really know who the real enemy is. is it China? Is it big tech? Was this all engineered? Time will tell.

We all need answers. The process of voting should be “legitimate”. In the past, there has always been Republican and Democrat poll watchers. They would both agree on the legitimacy of ballots and then votes were cast. Everything on the up and up.


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In this election Republican poll watchers have been blocked in all of the key swing states and crazy statistical anomalies have shown up. Mysteriously the anomalies have had a bias toward Biden as the new President Elect. These are statistically impossible anomalies, there’s plenty of evidence and whistleblowers coming forward. Everything from straight up election fraud to computer glitches have been in favor of Biden. We need to know why!

We must stand up and demand a recount with proper supervision of the ballot counting process.

Why have Republicans been blocked? If we allow the left to get away with this, then you must consider our country is lost to hostile takeover.

Here are two solid things we can all do as patriots…

America cannot be stolen like this. We must fight!