You Won’t Believe What Amazon is Building Now…

You Won't Believe What Amazon is Building Now...
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Russell Brand
– With a new Amazon worker app designed to ban words like “Union,” “Restrooms,” and “Pay Raise” – do we need to re-evaluate just how low we think Amazon will go?

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What a blessing to have such a well spoken gentleman leading the revolution.

I worked at an Amazon warehouse for almost 2 years until I was squeezed out by new (younger and therefore faster) workers and ever increasing productivity quotas. Amazon is essentially a computer (software) company and their system tracks every second of an employees working day. Even if you log off of your “task” the time it takes to use the restroom is counted against your productivity number(s). I think the term “slave labor” is a bit over the top but “sweat shop” is right on the money.

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