You Won’t Believe How Canada is Tracking Citizens Now…

You Won't Believe How Canada is Tracking Citizens Now...
Image from video below...

Sean Hannity – Public Health Agency of Canada Forced to Admit Secretly Accessing Location Data for 33 Million Mobile Devices

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Same plan as Obama had to spy on U.S. citizens Fauci and the puppet masters are envious of Canadian liberal stupidity. Lets go Brandon

I live on the tip of lake Erie we are not far from Canada Canadians have been a bunch of liberal pieces of crap from many many years this is what happens when the majority of your population is ignorant and a bunch of stupid hippies! I feel bad for the good Canadians because they have slowly watched their country be destroyed by the progressives that have owned their country for many years this is exactly what is taking place in our country and if we don’t kick the crap out of these leftist idiots we’re going to be like Canada very soon


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