You Will NOT Believe Where Biden Send Troops Back To…

You Will NOT Believe Where Biden Send Troops Back To...
Image from video below...

The Jimmy Dore Show – Donald Trump pulled U.S. troops out of Somalia, concluding the evacuation on his last day in office, but now Joe Biden is reversing that decision, and plans to send as many as 1,000 American soldiers back into Somalia, ostensibly to deal with the terrorist threat posed by the Al Qaeda-aligned al-Shabaab.

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Amazing episode Jimmy. You’re on fire lately. You should have the African journalists on your show to talk about what Africans think about Biden vs Trump. That would be super interesting and powerful.

So we pulled out of fighting with 45 and now two years into the other guys we are already engaged in two new conflicts, lost Afghanistan and fully armed the Taliban, and crippled our economy. I am glad the adults are back in charge

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