YIKES: THIS Is How DESPERATE Dems Are to Get Rid of Kamala…

YIKES: THIS Is How DESPERATE Dems Are to Get Rid of Kamala...
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Ben Shapiro – Shapiro explains why Vice President Kamala Harris is complete failure as a politician and why the democrats are in a terrible position.

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It’s almost like picking a VP entirely on their race and gender is a bad idea…

At this point, I think neither the P or VP actually run the country.

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It’s not Joe or Kamala that’s running our country, or should I say “destroying” our country. It’s JoeBama. Ole Hussein Obama is in his third term through Joe, and this is what they planned because they KNEW that Joe wasn’t mentally capable to handle the most responsible job on the planet.

The dems are not even responsible to handle their jobs in Congress, they are all insane, incompetent and evil and have absolutely no business writing all their pork spending bills for $8 TRILLION to $10 TRILLION , that they call “infrastructure” that will NEVER see one penny for infrastructure. We citizens, NOT THEM, and our great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandchildren will be paying for their treasons for the next 500 years. It goes beyond incompetence, it’s an out-and-out plot, scheme, and design to collapse and destroy our nation for communism to make us citizens their oxen yoked to their communist plows.