World’s largest nations may be ‘forming a cavalry’ to take on Facebook

World's largest nations may be 'forming a cavalry' to take on Facebook
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Sky News Australia – Sky News host Chris Smith says the early signs would suggest the world’s largest nations may be “forming a cavalry” to back Australia and take on Facebook themselves. Facebook decided to ban Australian news content following escalating hostilities over the Australian government’s media bargaining code, which sought to force tech giants to pay Australian media outlets for using news content. Mr Smith said the Morrison government undertook the “world’s first real attempt, to stop the bullying and robbery being undertaken, by the rich and powerful big tech companies, such as Google and Facebook”. “For too long, both had been using the resources of news organisations worldwide, to earn incredible revenue,” Mr Smith said. “For all the criticism bucketed on the federal government in the past 12 months, it has done a remarkable job, through one of the worst years in living memory”.

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Don’t waste time on Facebook making that billionaire even richer . Delete Facebook and work on yourself instead

Facebook has already destroyed the American country by there censorship

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What a joy to read! I hope it’s true and they banish these elite millionaires into the poor house where they belong. A lesson to the rest of the world and The New World Order that civilization as we know it is not ready to be yolked and forced to toe their Marxist rules. We are not servants we are participators.