Wolf slams Psaki’s remarks on Trump’s immigration policy as ‘absurd, dishonest’

Wolf slams Psaki's remarks on Trump's immigration policy as 'absurd, dishonest'
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Fox News – Former Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf joins Maria Bartiromo on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’

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Criminals protect criminals and invite criminals.

To bad the congress wont impeach Biden for over stepping the law.

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Elaine Rogers

A presidents job is to make sure our laws are enforced, not violated. All laws, illegal entry across our borders. This is a strong case for impeachment. They are sworn to defend our country. This is a clear violation.


For destitute people coming across the border they are well dressed, don’t look like they are malnourished, and don’t look like they are tired and dirty from a long long journey…sometimes thousands of miles.. new toys and strollers….can anyone explain this????


Someone is looking after them very well along their journey.. Who is paying for all that..and that is before they even get to the border crossing?? I am just sceptical and would like to know!!