Will Minneapolis Survive the George Floyd Trial?

Will Minneapolis Survive the George Floyd Trial?

BlazeTV – With the George Floyd murder trial currently in progress, Pat and Stu discuss the likelihood of former police officer Derek Chauvin’s conviction. But even if he is convicted, will there STILL be riots? Either way, the odds of the mainstream media obsessing over the likely destruction as it has over the January 6th Capitol riot are very low

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Arrest all the people that made that settlement. Send a bill to the junkies family for overdose. Hospital bills and damages to their city.

The guy who sat at Pelosi’s desk is in prison I wonder how many Antifa rioters will get arrested Probably 0

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HOPE NOT ! 🤔🤔🤔🤔


I grew up in MPLS….. so glad I’m not there now! I think the ones who decided to make the payout should do it… out of their own pockets! If they would have spent 1 simple hour researching the evidence, they would have found the proof of George Floyd killing HIMSELF! Now, after what they did, NO FAIR trial can be had as they’ve convicted everyone by their actions. This was disgusting from the start and only continues to get worse everyday.


Who cares!