Why the left wants to shut down FOX News

Why the left wants to shut down FOX News
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Fox News – Tucker Carlson explains Big Tech’s unprecedented mass censorship campaign.

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I can NOT EVEN begin to tell you HOW tired I am of all this nonsense that is going on in this country.

You know, the way things are going I see a country of good people turning off all the media and shutting the door. If i was paying for my kids phones and access to the social media craze , i would cancel it until they were old enough to buy access themselves. I grew up without it, they can live without too. Maybe they would learn to actually talk face to face with their friends and family. The more we shut down, the less the media has control. It is up to us to tune them out and shut them up. Without us, they have nothing. In my day, it was nice not having everyone in your business.

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Elaine Rogers

Dave Ramsey should be taken off Fox News. He is taking votes away from Republicans in the next election in 2022. Trump wanted a $2000 Stimulus check, not $600.