Why is Nobody Talking About THIS…

Why is Nobody Talking About THIS...
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Russell Brand – As government officials and leaders of international organizations meet to discuss a “financial system” to underpin the “world order”, how close is centralized “digital money” to becoming a reality, and what dangers does this bring?

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As a supporter of the Freedom Convoy, I was shaken to the core when here in Canada they froze bank accounts from supporters of the trucker convoy. But when hearing this it almost makes me glad that it happened so we can see what can so easily happen. Honestly, I would have never in a million years thought I – a law abiding mother of 3, full time worker/tax payer my whole life would be a person that was running to my bank to pull money out and make sure my account wasn’t going to be closed! This was a good wake up call for us all (although my heart breaks for those that actually lost jobs, funds, etc. in these tyrannical moves). Be Awake!!Show less

Russell you are doing a huge service for humanity sharing all that you do & pointing out nefarious plans of those in control.

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