Whitehouse Panics: Reporter Demands to Know Biden’s Role in the New Agenda

The Next News Network
– Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, After the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial was announced this week, Joe Biden accused America of having a systemic racism problem. But if that’s true, isn’t he part of the problem? He’s been in office for almost 50 years.

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If it weren’t for double standards then leftists wouldn’t have any standards at all.

Joe’s role is to read the teleprompter…badly

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Briben biden

I hate saying this, but Biden is right. Oh that hurt! Joe Biden accused America of having a systemic racism problem and we do. We have systematic institutional racism built right into our laws.

We have laws that require preferential treatment of blacks and Hispanics in schooling, sports, scholarships, hiring, grants, loans, housing and more. Just as biden said systemic racism.

Biden just has the wrong racism in mind when he talks about the privileges of systemic racism..