White House Staffers Fired for Past Weed Use…

White House Staffers Fired for Past Weed Use...
Image from video below...

Anthony Brian Logan – According to the Daily Beast, dozens of White House staffers were fired or “sidelined” due to past marijuana (weed) use. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says that only five people were actually fired, but that number does not count staffers who were suspended.

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Fire Kamala for smoking weed in college and listening to Tupac even though his first album came out in 1991, she’s such a liar lol

By Biden’s policy his own son would be in jail for years at a time.

Reminds me of when Hillary was promoting homosexual rights and condemning anyone who disagreed with her, and then became angry and defensive when she was accused of being a lesbian.

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Michael Morgan

I thought that ALL Democrats were potheads. They seem to be on board with legalization so they can keep spending like drunken sailors.