White House: Illegal Aliens Do Not Need Proof of Vaccination Because…

White House Illegal Aliens Do Not Need Proof of Vaccination Because...
Image From Video Below...

Breitbart News – The White House conceded Monday they were not requiring border crossers to show proof of vaccination, even though the government requires proof of a vaccine or a negative coronavirus test for other travelers into the United States.

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Even NutPsaki doesn’t believe her own bullshlt.

Dementia Joe’s government gets more disastrous by the day.

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Briben biden

The biden administration needs those infected sick illegal aliens to spread around the country and cause wave after wave of covid cases.

how else can they continue to force their worthless vaccine on people.

now al you doctors follow the FDA and CDC guidelines: no monoclonal antibodies for vaccinated people that is the rule. Only un-vaccinated get that treatment.

Talk about a BS governemnt.

You liberals / progressives / democrats committed massive voter fraud for this! Why?

Orange man was a thousand times better.