When do we impeach THEM? | Diamond and Silk

When do we impeach THEM? | Diamond and Silk
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Newsmax TV – Diamond and Silk react to past statements made by Democrats: “When do we go and impeach them for inciting violence?” – Via Crystal Clear, Saturdays at 6:30 PM ET on Newsmax TV.

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All because Trump wouldn’t play their game of corruption.

Exactly, look how many times President Trump was attacked by the media Joe Biden Hollywood while he was a sitting president! Great job ladies, and God bless you both🙏🏻

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charles wilkins

Democrats” This whole Presidential thing, it is very obvious now, that Biden is in, way over his mental capabilities, moving forward with his total leftist agenda, serving our Country up on a platter, for his Chinese obligations made, once all this fully becomes apparent to all Americans change will finally occur. He has made election promises, non of which he can keep, and his executive mandates will only satisfy for a little while longer. Family baggage will become his downfall, this man can not say promises made, promises kept to the American people, maybe to China The Country is more divided then ever before and it’s getting worse, keep taking American jobs away will come back additionally to be your downfold and your fake impeachment trials won’t help.

Wise Patriot

You are a sad, ignorant, uneducated man, who is wrong on every count. Bidens approval rating is 63%, trmp never got above 45% in 4 years. My guess is you live inn the hills of West Virginia, flunked out of high school, and live in an old trailer. Am I right?

David Cunningham

Biden’s approval record is as phoney as he is.