What’s Happening in South Africa is Now Happening Here…

What's Happening in South Africa is Now Happening Here...
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Dr. Steve Turley – South Africa is imploding! Where crowds have ransacked and looted shopping malls in scores of cities across the nation. They are seeing an outbreak of the worst riots, lootings, and violence in decades! In this video, we’re going to look at what’s really behind the mass chaos that has engulfed the country, you’re going to have your opportunity to give us your thoughts in the comments below, and stick with me at the end where I’m going to reveal why what’s happening in South Africa could happen here; you’re not going to want to miss this!

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Hmm, looting burning killing, looks just like the ‘mostly peaceful protests’ we have in our country, don’t see a lot of difference here.

I used to live in SA until 2000. Saw first-hand the same anarchistic looting in Rwanda (1994) the C.A.R. (2012) & Zimbabwe  (2019) Latest Intel reveals this was a highly coordinated power struggle within the ranks of the ANC.

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