What a Democratic Super-Pac’s Spending Reveals About November 2022

What a Democratic Super-Pac's Spending Reveals About November 2022
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Dinesh D’Souza – The actions of a Democratic super-pac show that Democrats, no less than Republicans, are expecting a GOP surge in November.

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One thing Republicans must understand, is that people like me (the vast majority of their base) are Americans first, unlike Dem voters who are party first. If Republicans think that once given majorities again, that they can rest on their laurels, that they can return to business as usual, they could not be more wrong. The biggest word Republicans can focus on moving forward is accountability. Their refusal to hold their Dem buddies accountable will find us turning on them as well. You are either for right and wrong, or you are not, it is very simple and there IS no middle ground on the matter.

Yes, accountability. Hold those Democrats who are responsible for crimes and get them ousted.

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