We’re Not Allowed to Discuss This…

We’re Not Allowed to Discuss This...
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Russell Brand – Vladimir Putin has ordered that Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces are put on high alert. Today we look at the factors that have potentially led to this invasion – including NATO’s expansion and Putin’s worldview regarding Ukraine.

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I really feel that this global idea of coming together is unfolding even in the shadow of this tragedy. I’m in Georgia right now, one of the few countries whose government is not supporting Ukraine. However, in the streets tonight we have thousands of people expressing their love and solidarity with Ukraine. Georgians, Ukrainians and also Russians. It was beautiful to see humans dictate the sentiment of a country stronger than the government could. We are truly in changing times when the people are realizing their power.

“We all have more in common with each other than we do with our world leaders”. Never has a truer sentence ever been said.

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I just heard a Unicorn with a rainbow painted horn phart and it sounded poetic…. I wonder if it still smells as bad as all other pharts?
Yeah, Russ…we need a global government that controls all other governments under which we’ll all have freedom and liberties and plenty of wood for campfires around which we’ll all sing “kumbaya” harmonically in different languages!!! Hahahahahahaha! Are you nuts? Since when have people at the top of the totem pole given power to the ones holding them up and paying their bills? If you think ANOTHER layer of government AT THE TOP is an answer…..you’re just another artist and F’n dreamer with a microphone! STFU!