Watch This: Joe Biden Pulls the Race Card at Presser…

Watch This: Joe Biden Pulls the Race Card at Presser...
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The Next News Network – Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, Joe Biden spoke about the new voting measures in Texas this week and used over-the-top rhetoric to politicize the issue. Biden also injected race into the issue, because that’s all Democrats can do these days.

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That’s nothing unusual whenever you disagree with the Democrats they call racism stupid people don’t know what racism is.It’s just another way a dividing people.

Demented Biden is such a jerk! Well once the republicans are back in we will get back to normal life.

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the entire BIDEN clan are even more corrupt than the CLINTONS is this a standard rule with the DEMOCRATIC PARTY??? I was never much on politics yet Joe Biden has created a hatred among the average person who is struggling to keep his family whole… country Joe is destroying America. I forever will despise all people with a D in their title