Watch This: Biden’s Crazy Claim About Alzheimers…

Watch This: Biden's Crazy Claim About Alzheimers...
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The Next News Network – Leah Barkoukis from Townhall reports, Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed that in the not-too-distant future hospital beds in America will be full of Alzheimer’s patients. He first spoke about this issue in March while visiting a cancer hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and repeated it in more detail last week during a speech in Cleveland, Ohio.

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He fancies himself on par with Fauci, another Pinnochio winner.

FUNNY how he brings up Alzheimers the ruler of our nation is king of that unit

Joe Biden by himself is costing us more than $1 trillion.

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Eugene Crocker

Yes he knows the vaccine is going to produce the onset, why else would he be so confident,he is right.