Watch: McEnany Points Out the Scandal in Fauci’s Emails…

Watch: McEnany Points Out the Scandal in Fauci's Emails...
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Fox News
– ‘Outnumbered’ co-host Kayleigh McEnany and the panel weigh in on the backlash over Dr. Fauci’s emails on COVID-19.

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We all know what’s going on but we’re conspiracy theorists.

When trump called this the China virus they called him racist

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Bob M

The Bureau of Industrial Security, part of the Department of Commerce, promulgates a rule/regulation called “The Catch-All Rule.” The catch all rule makes it illegal to do any commerce that can improve the capabilities of the People’s Liberation Army, among other unfriendly foreign entities.
The penalties are severe.
By funding any potential dual-use capability – that is, technology or knowledge that has both commercial and/or military uses – Fauci violated the Catch-All Rule.

Moreover, as money is fungible, money’s paid for any research to the Wuhan Virology Lab frees up other Chinese resources for use on enhancing their military.

Why hasn’t Fauci been charged?