Watch Lightfoot and Reporter Clash Over ‘Crime Surge’ in Chicago…

Watch Lightfoot and Reporter Clash Over 'Crime Surge' in Chicago...
Image from video below...

Newsmax TV
– Newsmax reporter William Kelly asked Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot about crime statistics in her city, to which the Mayor lashed out at the reporter. Raymond Lopez of Chicago Ward 15 and Newsmax’s Rob Finnerty react. – via National Report, weekdays at 9AM ET on Newsmax

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Everything is either covids fault or President Trump….when will people take responsibility for their own actions

She absolutely lied straight to camera to everyone in not only Chicago, but also across the United States.

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Rodger Shull

did you expect the truth and to own up to the responsibility that it is their or her fault, she is a BIG FAILURE to the citizens of CHICAGO . She needs to Resign today before 5 pm.