Watch Joe Biden Scold Americans for Living Freely!

Joe Biden's New Tax Plan is Sounding All the Alarms

The Next News Network – Leah Barkoukis from Townhall reports, Joe Biden lamented that people are letting their guard down amid the pandemic even though the country is not in the clear yet.

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The fact that Biden has the audacity to scold us is incredible.

It’s a lie. They never want us to go back to normal.

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It was never about the masks, it was always about control!


Just like Obama, every time he opens his mouth, a lie comes out.
Just another useful/ useless idiot, saying whatever he’s told to say.
Sad old fool.

Carol A Lockwood

Sleepy Joe belongs in a Nursing home not the White House


Do NOT wear masks, or get the jab. Both are detrimental to your health and can be deadly. And NOTE, certain masks can affect a man’s testosterone causing penile shrinkage, decrease in sperm production and effeminization of male characteristics. Do we really want all men to become women???


Stealing an election doesn’t make you a President of anything, it makes you a theif, nothing more!

Elaine Rogers

As predicted,there is now a big rise in Covid. Cases.
New mutations are 100X more contagious.
This is reality.