Watch Jen Psaki Scold Americans Over Door-to-Door Vaccine Campaign…

Watch Jen Psaki Scold Americans Over Door-to-Door Vaccine Campaign...
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The Next News Network – Katie Pavlich from Townhall reports, Speaking to reporters at the White House Thursday afternoon, Press Secretary Jen Psaki argued criticisms of the Biden administration’s door-to-door Wuhan coronavirus vaccination campaign are a “disservice to the country.”

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This is crazy!! Don’t press or force people into taking a shot! Survival rate is what 99.98%??? Stop trying to put the country in fear mode.

It is a disservice to the AMERICAN PEOPLE to tell us how to live, that is not the government’s job.

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ahem tonto

She epitomizes the mindless follow me sheeple mentality Marxism thrives on. She needs to be confronted with a good dose of reality. She works in a public position paid for by you and I, the taxpaying American citizens. We do not care what she thinks we should do, that is definitely not within her purview. Her importance is to relay factual information regarding the administration. She should not be relaying prevarications or her opinion on any subject matter, period!