Watch How the Media Uses Colin Powell’s Death to Fearmonger…

Watch How the Media Uses Colin Powell's Death to Fearmonger...
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Ben Shapiro
– Shapiro rips the media for using Colin Powell’s death to push more covid panic.

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Guy had Parkinson and cancer. A simple cold could have killed him at that point. I am fully Vax healthcare worker. I finally got covid after treating covid patients 5 x week per. I had very mild symptoms and would have never guessed I had covid if not for being tested by my work weekly. Would I have a extremely mild case if not vaccinated? I’ll never know. I do know the very sick people that come in about 90% of them aren’t vaccinated. I do not think it should be mandatory. People know the risks. People get sick and treat with whatever they want. Keep everything open and normal. It’s up to individual people to take their own risks.

Fear is the mind killer. Don’t give in to fear.

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Joz Lee

Pity: Powell had blood cancer. To fully vaccinate him with covid vax’s was ”sheer malpractice”!