Watch How Psaki Snaps When Asked Why Buttigieg Goes on 2 Month Paternity Leave…

Watch How Psaki Snaps When Asked Why Buttigieg Goes on 2 Month Paternity Leave...
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– Biden’s Press Sec. Jen Psaki just SNAPPED when a reporter asked why Buttigieg has been on a 2-month paternity leave during a crisis.

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Not even the women who carry the babies get a 2 month maternity leave. But let’s remember, there are different rules for established democrats.

Honestly, they need to ALL be charged for TREASON.


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Royal Nonesuch

The man is a classic homo-sexual and in no wise can be married or need “paternity” leave. I feel sorry for the child he has “adopted”…

Last edited 6 months ago by Royal Nonesuch
charles A wilkins

The democrat party will be held accountable for the joe biden failed energy policy.
What happens when there is no fuel for the truckers? Biden created gas and gasoline increases have fueled inflation, and now created a recession. Self created shortages, caused by piss poor bureaucratic decisions, have cost jobs, caused unnecessary energy shortages, added pressure to the American economy with continual higher price increases across the board. Shutting down the pipelines has caused many National emergencies. Biden likes to blame the virus, but it’s stupid un- American decisions that caused these self inflected wounds. Time for the bidens to be investigated, Attorney General Merrick Garland, another biden appointee,who is just a figure head, who knows nothing about nothing,Can’t investigate Hunter bidens gun applications,or his conflict with art sales,or any thing else concerning Hunter or the biden crime family. Are you in charge of the Department of Justice?, yes i am, Well how illegal’s aliens have you prosecuted or charged for violation of federal immigration laws? none ,Why is the crime rate and murder rate so high with the democrat controlled cities? don’t know, why are drugs being smuggled into our Country at a all time high? don’t know .Why did the Attorney Generals office fire all Trump hires? don’t know. Why did they even bring this guy in before Congress?? Oh yea, moms and dads, because they don’t like the way your son and daughter in law have a conflict of interest with your position? don’t know. How about because the school boards heads and the teacher s unions complained to the White House they did no like to answer any questions at the Schools with parents meetings? about what ii being taught to their children,? don’t know. Do you think the teachers union should be exempt from receiving the virus shots? don’t know. Are you going to call in the FBI on every issue that comes up and you don’t want to stick your neck out? don’t know. Who is paying the biden’s to kill America?


She NEEDS to go home and play with her dolls she can’t do this job and the Biden administration is a failure they do as they want NOT as they should