Watch Chuck Schumer’s Pathetic Climate Change Fearmongering…

Watch Chuck Schumer's Pathetic Climate Change Fearmongering...
Image From Video Below...

The Next News Network – Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, Do you remember when Democrats used to accuse Republicans of using the politics of fear to advance their agenda? Chuck Schumer doesn’t. He recently claimed that if the Democrat infrastructure bill isn’t signed into law, that climate change is going to be worse than COVID.

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I’m mexican and even here we know Donald Trump won the election based on My investigation and studies!

Politicians like Schumer & Pelosi & others should stop using their Lear jets & their families should be reduced to 2 cars per family! And stop having their steak dinners!

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Rodger Shull

schumer is a COWARD-CHICKEN , and a runner when people are up in his face, a 1000 % LOSER