Watch: Biden Staffer Tries to Block Cruz from Filming the Situation…

Watch: Biden Staffer Tries to Block Cruz from Filming the Situation...
Image from video below...

Daily Caller – Watch a Biden staffer try to block Sen. Ted Cruz from filming inside a migrant facility.

Top Comments:

If it’s a crime to film a crime, the criminals are in power.

How the hell can anyone with even a minimal amount conscience, vote for any democrat ever again. This us beyond putrud. Biden and Harris along with the democratic congress and senate, should all be brought to trial.

Biden keeps wanting to pull the wool over the people’s eyes

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Dan Winright

America is in need of a few million good men. The more time wasted the harder the task.

Elaine Rogers

What Ted Cruzs video shows is lawless criminal behavior now
Encouraged by the Biden administration. This must be stopped.
Traffickers are bringing illegal aliens with covid positive into the
USA. And then they are being released into communities here. THIS MUST BE STOPPED!
Where are the court injunctions to stop this lawlessness?
Biden stopped deportations even of dangerous criminals.