Watch Atlanta Police Rescue 9-Year-Old Kidnapping Victim…

Watch Atlanta Police Rescue 9-Year-Old Kidnapping Victim...
Image from video below...

Breitbart News – Body camera footage captured the moment police in Georgia rescued a child from an alleged kidnapper, who authorities say stole a vehicle from an Atlanta parking lot with the child inside.

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All those officers are probably fathers and the kidnapper is lucky to be alive. You can hear the love and caring for that child in their voices. What restraint the officer’s had. Thank God for blessing that boy and his family. God bless all officers involved.

God bless these officers. This video immediately brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad the young boy is safe and able to return home to his mother.

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Jo Lilley

Notice how the suspect IMMEDIATELY began acting like he was a victim of police brutality.


Criminals expect to be treated with kid gloves, the rights of the victim by the criminal not so much. Speedy justice might be construed to immediate execution of the criminal. They might discourage crime.