Washington Post Insane: Infrastructure is Racist…

Washington Post Insane: Infrastructure is Racist...
Image from video below...

Ben Shapiro – The Washington Post recently released a piece titled: “Traffic deaths increased during the pandemic. The toll fell more heavily on Black residents, report shows.” Ben responds.

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They say we need to have conversations about racism, but we’re not allowed to have THESE conversations about racism

People are just going to segregate even more.

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Briben biden

wait! 75 years ago we were told that the good roads were in the white areas and the bad roads were in the black areas. Now that has reverse and still the infrastructure is racist.

sound to me like what is racists is the people push black supremacist and black privilege.

By the way i want reparations from the African Americans, especial the lazy fat black women, for them buying my ancestors from slave traders and using them for food. Knowing my ancestors were eaten is ultra traumatic and you black cannibals own me millions of dollars for you sick twisted behavior.