Was Trump Right About the COVID Pill All Along?

Was Trump Right About the COVID Pill All Along?
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Russell Brand – New antiviral COVID treatment developed by Merck, was held back for 6 months due to political & media bias…

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I’m very grateful for Brand. He makes more sense in 9 minutes than most politicians make in a lifetime.

If anyone still thinks this is about public health, you’re in for a nasty shock.

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charles A wilkins

1000 % AGREE BIDEN SHOULD BE IMPEACHED FOR THAT AS WELL AS ALL HIS CORRUPTION AND LIES. If you as a president, don’t know what to do, or have to be told what to do, what the fxxx are doing as a president?


Just visited my doctor for checkup today and learned that he’s brainwashed by the CDC, saying there is no proof that Ivermectin nor Hydroxychloroquine can be effective against Covid-19, even though HCL saved my life 10 months ago thanks to a doctor in Florida who presecribed it for me when my family physician wouldn’t do so. NIH and CDC are crooks!