Wallace Unleashes on Kamala Harris in Brutal Reality Check

Wallace Unleashes on Kamala Harris in Brutal Reality Check

The Next News Network – The Political Insider reports, The Fox News host Chris Wallace just called out Kamala Harris, saying that she might not “want her fingerprints” on the border crisis. He said this while discussing the fact that Harris has yet to visit the border despite the fact that Joe Biden has put her in charge of the crisis that many say he created.

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Harris has no attentions in going to the border, she will put it off as long as she can. All she wants is prestige, recognition, look at me. I’m VP. Harris do your job and stop laughing at the border problem.

If those demon-rats in the Whitehouse had to deal with those illegals personally they might be more eager to rectify this situation!!

They don’t care about the crisis at the border. They created the crisis.

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Perhaps the illegals should be housed in the Democrat States, after all they are the ones that love Illegals so much.