US Olympic Team Plans to Alter the American Flag Logo…

US Olympic Team Plans to Alter the American Flag Logo...
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Newsmax TV – United States Olympic Team seeks to change the logo for the 2024 Olympics hosted by France, Newsmax All-Star panel on the ‘anti-American stance’ from the Olympic committee and more

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I have a crazy idea. How about, in representation of America at the Olympics, we use the ACTUAL American Flag.

This would be a crime in many countries. The flag is a static symbol, and should not be allowed to be amended when representing our country.

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WHAAAT!? Alter the American FLAG???? NO! NOT! NEVER! Give any team member who is in favor a choice of going home or a ticket to the country who has a flag for which they would be proud to compete!!! You cannot CHANGE the Flag – if you try you do not have an American Flag, you have some meaningless banner!


Do these people have the slightest idea what the flag & the anthem even means? Why it has that design, those colors, those specifications. When the anthem was written? WHERE it was written… WHY it was written. Do they have ANY idea what the whole thing represents?? NO! I suggest they go here: Then tell me we need to change it!