Unbelievable! Elon Must Takes on Big Pharma…

Unbelievable! Elon Must Takes on Big Pharma...
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Russell Brand – Elon Musk’s latest Twitter controversy has seen him slammed for saying the antidepressant Wellbutrin should be taken off the market, whilst lauding the effectiveness of psychedelics. So, is Musk now taking on Big Pharma?

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The pharmaceutical industry is not about helping people get healthy, it’s about making money and keeping you coming back. It’s time natural medications / remedies come back in a big way.

I have a lot more faith in natural remedies for mental health than I do in Profit based Pharma.

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Jo Lilley

The one’s we should feel bad for are the doctors who have gone to medical school for YEARS and aren’t allowed to actually make an informed decision regarding the treatment of their patients. They have to get permission from the insurance companies and Big Pharma to be able to treat their patients.