Trump vs. Biden’s migrant facilities for children

Trump vs. Biden’s migrant facilities for children

Fox News – Gutfeld examines mainstream media’s coverage of Trump, Biden’s migrant facilities for children.

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You do not need someone to act funny just put Biden himself on

I’ve already gotten to the point of nausea whenever I hear this poor excuse of a press secretary speak🤢🤮

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I’m SOOO offended that psaki didn’t point out that ALL 57 genders SHOULD be represented in EVERY government position, so the SCOTUS must now become 66 justices. AND since our government is WOEFULLY understaffed by ONLY 2 genders (boot-edge-edge not counted), we’ll have plenty of jobs available for every PRE-citizen-voter-that-our-no-borders,-no-walls,-policy-can-create.


Biteme is a commie joke. America is in big trouble. Time to pull the cork.