This is Why Shotguns are Best for Home Defense…

This is Why Shotguns are Best for Home Defense...
Image from video below...

Breitbart News – Breitbart News’s AWR Hawkins shows why the shotgun is the go-to choice for gun buyers who seek a reliable weapon to defend their homes. Visit to equip yourself with the latest statistics and news articles to defend your right to bear arms.

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Bubba needs to learn about terminal ballistics. LOL birdshot. It’s the wad that made the bigger holes.

Uhm. Hitting paper with birdshot. Well if my home gets invaded by paper people I guess I might fight them off with scissors too. Seriously, shotguns are hard to beat, but this was not a great visual. Use watermelons or something for goodness sake.

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Bob M

I love the argument about “Terminal Ballistics.”

Here’s the reality: In a Very old article in Blue Line, a magazine a bout Canadian Law Enforcement, the Mounties were talking tactical firearms.

They praised the H&K MP5 for its ability to put multiple 40 caliber rounds into a close grouping, then traverse to the next target and do the same.

But they bought and used Remington 500 Shotguns for their abilityy to put nine (9) 32 caliber balls in a close grouping on target, and then traverse to the next and do the same. And for the price of an MP5, they could buy a lot more 500s.

In the video, Birdshot is stupid. As stupid as comparing 3 shots to any single one.

Had he put 3 taps of the AR, and 3 taps of the 40, and then 3 taps of the bird, well, he didn’t, did he?

PS: He’s also quite wrong about the 12′ rule. Yes, you’d want to engage at 12, but most are at a lot less distance. And at that point, issues between long and short barrels tend to exaggerate while shot placement tends to dissipate.