This is What Every Patriot ‘Must Know’ About Coming Inflation…

This is What Every Patriot 'Must Know' About Coming Inflation...
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Dr. Steve Turley – I sat down for an interview with Scott Scheel to talk about Inflation indicators! Download a FREE copy of Scotts Ebook, Bigger IS Better: 7 Reasons Why Commercial Beats Single-Family Investing,

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The only lives that truly matter are those who respect the lives of others

Remember: There is no middle class under a true dictatorship. As I am looking at the comments of various videos, it appears that many, if not most, Republicans have no idea what lies ahead. It is the desire of the Deep State to take us on an unprecedented journey into Hell. The U.S. Constitution will not be saved by those who walk the halls of government. It will only be saved by the righteous citizenry of this great nation. Be aware, and be prepared.

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