This Is Pure Self-Obsessed DELUSION On Display

This Is Pure Self-Obsessed DELUSION On Display
Image from video below...

Ben Shapiro
– Good Morning America recently interviewed William “Lia” Thomas, and his full self-obsessed delusion was on display. Shapiro reacts.

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This won’t last much longer. Everyone is starting to see how crazy this all is.

he clearly said he felt more “happier” competing with the other women, this is not only incredibly unfair but also narcissism at it’s absolute finest. everything is about them and their feelings, the other women are supposedly the “bigots” who need “psychological help” for not wanting to compete with a man and THIS is emotional abuse, it makes me so damn mad.

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Jo Lilley

I guarantee you that he’s never had to walk around school with a sweater tied around his waist because he started his period. He’s never just naturally walked to his car with his keys stuck between his fingers in a fist in case he was raped in the parking lot. He’s never cringed walking past a construction site in case he was sexually harassed. He’s never dealt with the issues that REAL women just naturally deal with on the daily.