This is child abuse, and they should be reported to CPS!!!

Which is the REAL Threat to Democracy?
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Ben Shapiro
– Which is the REAL Threat to Democracy?

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For a long time I dreamed about living in America, now I’m fine with living in Armenia where is always a war possibility. Seeing these children being abused like that is more painful

I’m a social worker and Licensed Mental Health Clinician in private practice. This is abuse and they should be reported to CPS. Ridiculousness like this has converted me from Democrat to Republican. This country is going to shit. Also: on the topic of being a social worker who is conservative (refuse to accept they/them and other pronouns, refuse to support pro choice etc.) I feel like I’m now living in a surreal multiverse. Being told I am wrong by other social workers b/c my views support “oppression” of certain communities is insane. I will leave my profession before I concede to an amoral leftist agenda.

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