They Aim to Shame White People…

They Aim to Shame White People...
Image from video below...

Newsmax TV – Newsmax’s Greg Kelly and Rob Carson and author Ellis Henican discuss and debate the issues that are addressed in The Washington Post’s ‘The New Normal’ video. – via Greg Kelly Reports, weekdays at 7PM ET on Newsmax

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Thats like me a White person ,telling a Black person how to be black , they would be outraged and so am I.

This whole black supremacy movement is going to totally backfire

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Lyin biden

Yeah hey all you black supremacist with your black privilege and yoyr affirmative action and your diversity offices. How about you all go to work for a couple hundred years and us white folk will sit at home at government houses and government food and government internet and government phones and government transportation. Yup us white folk will eat ice cream and stuff all day and get fat like an old black woman while you black supremacist work you buts off for 10 hours a day plus a two hour commute like us white folk do.

You just step on up and show us some eeeequality of work effort. By the way while your putting in your 10 hour 5 day a week and some weekends work schedule invent stuff that changes to whole world a few thousand times like us white folk did.

Then in 20 or 30 year us white folk will start screaming about economic equality and racism just like you black supremacists do now. Ok cool beans black privilege folks its a deal.

Ok thanks you black supremacist with your black privilege.