The Wind Turbines Are Frozen

The Wind Turbines Are Frozen

Ben Shapiro – Texas freezes as the power grid buckles; the Washington Post worries that conservatives are complaining too much about cancel culture; and Joe Biden loses it on national TV, but the fact checkers are there to save him.

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“What has biden done for small business ” biden well I put a woman in charge. Media amazing that fixes everything! 

Sooo he’s saying the genocide and enslavement of Uighur Muslims in China is just a different “cultural normality”??

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Wise One

Wod turbines work year around just fine in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and other far north countries in the dead of winter. They have to be designed for that, just like gas line valves, generators, electric lines, and water purification plants. Apparently Texas did not do that because they wanted to save a few bucks. There is no fixing stupid..,


kinda like a restaurant ‘ 10 good meals in a row then one not so good ‘ never go back??