The snowball doesn’t melt! Fake snow?

The snowball doesn't melt! Fake snow?
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Nicole Holt – I know this is not my normal format, but I’m baffled. Saw someone in New York try this out and thought it was fake. Tried it myself and now my mind is blown. I made a snowball from the freshly fallen snow in Dallas, TX and tried to melt it over a candle. IT DIDN’T MELT – IT BLACKENED. Is this normal?

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CHEMTRAILS! They have manipulated the weather for years!

I told people the snow is fake and it all depends on where u live if that snow touches u it makes u itch. This ain’t no real snow people playing GOD universe don’t like that. Thanks so much for doing this video continue the great work

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Yahusha is returning soon. Don’t worry about anything else. Having the fear of Elohim takes care of it all.