The People Run Our Government…

The People Run Our Government...
Image from video below...

The News Junkie’s Archives – These people run our government.

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Once again, democrats talking like they are explaining things to children. This is how they have to speak to Old Joe so they have got used to it

And there’s me thinking the whiteboard was going to get cancelled

Target and others are closing stores in “communities of color”… you think they are going to bother putting charging stations there?

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Mark Spencer

Well, here’s an interesting question. It takes, depending on the vehicle, the size of the gas tank, and how far down the gas gauge is, abpot five or so minutes to fill up with gasoline or diesel. How long does it take to charge the battery for an electric car? Now, they do have hybrid vehicles, which has an electric battery and an engine that uses fossil fuels. Not sure how many mile range the battery gives you, but not likely a whole lot of miles, which means if you’re going to take a cross country or even a 900 mile journey, you’d either need to plan for the many charging hours needed, which means yourstay time at the place you’re going to be visiting will be shorter or you’ll need to take a longer vacation time. The hybrid will also be emitting so-called green house gases, so what’s the point? What these whacko climate control people are either too stupid to know or just don’t care about, at least not with the science involved, is that carbon dioxide is NOT evil or bad for the planet. Do you like breathing? Trees utilize CO2 in order to produce the necessary chlorophyll, which the plant needs, most of them anyways as well as the plants and grasses, to live. The by-product in the chlorophyll production is OXYGEN, which we and all of the animal, bird, reptilians, and fish life needs to survive. Surely, these people took at least high school biology. You reduce the CO2 levels and, as the brilliant Bill Gates and his ilk want to do, reduce the level of sunlight, trees and plantlife will die off, which means all other lifeforms die off. But then again, that is the agenda of the globalists. Their goal, as written on the “Ten Commandments” written on the Georgia Guide Stones is to reduce the world population to NO MORE than 500,000,000. That means about 7 billion of us need to die off. So if you kill off the trees, bring on an ice age and keep releasing viruses and the subsequent dangerous so-called vaccines against those viruses, globalist’s problem solved.