The NBA’s Brutal Ratings Wake Up Call is Afoot

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from the Gateway Pundit reports, Get woke, go broke. Ratings for the NBA All-Star game Sunday night, which included a dunk contest, was down 24% from last year. 5.94 million viewers watched Sunday night’s game. Compare that to the 17.8 million people that tuned in Sunday night to watch Meghan Markle complain about her privileged life to Oprah.

Top Comments:

And they deserve this horrid showing. Why would any non-partisan American want to see this trash.

Turn that bunch off! Drop those ratings more!


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I don’t support any sports. Heck with them.

Briben biden

The NBA is a racist organization full of black supremacy and black privileges.

Just like the blm people who are murdering Asians and whites the NBA is racist against whites and Asians.

The NBA is a murderous racist hateful organization.

Tim Thompson

Great News!!!! These BLM supporters who take a knee degrade the American people with their racist comments and total lack of supporting America who gave them the opportunity to make so much money then turn around and act like a bunch of thugs deserves to go down.