The Magical Misdirection Of The Media

Ben Shapiro – As President Biden’s plans become more and more radical, and as Andrew Cuomo goes down in flames, the media desperately keep the focus right where they want it: on Trump.

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If Trump was playing Mario headlined would read, Trump Caught playing Mario, as just another example of his white supremacy controlling people of color.

They build a wall around the capital building but stop the wall around the country. They protect themselves but not us.

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But remember Fake News Media Networks ! This CRAP was the Proof In The Pudding that this was ALL planned by the Democratic Socialist Party in AUGUST 2020. And MADAM PELOSI knew what was gonna happen and when it was gonna happen under Her Leadership.

Tim Thompson

These misdirected bull shit White Supremacy statements is almost as pathetic as allowing Antifa and BLM to run roughshod through the streets of our cities burning and looting and the Democrats and their operatives just standing by mute and making statements that they are innocent due to white supremist. So ridiculous.