The Left Lives in a Brainwashing Echo Chamber Called Twitter…

The Left Lives in a Brainwashing Echo Chamber Called Twitter...
Image from video below...

Ben Shapiro – Discarded from Amazon’s streaming service during Black History month (while Amazon was “amplifying black voices” all over their site), Created Equal is the true and controversial story of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Born poor in the segregated south, Thomas, a conservative, became one of the most influential justices despite attempts to smear his character during his confirmation. And while his voice can no longer be heard on Amazon, it can be here: at The Daily Wire. 

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It used to be ‘the left thinks the right is evil, but the right thinks the left are mislead’. I’m starting to think the left are evil.

Psaki: “The other party was for defunding the police” Me: Immediately walks outside calls family to see if I woke up in an alternate dimension.

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