The Joe Biden CNN Townhall Was A Dumpster Fire!

The Joe Biden CNN Townhall Was A Dumpster Fire!
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Anthony Brian Logan – Joe Biden participated in a CNN Presidential Townhall hosted by Anderson Cooper on Tuesday, February 16th, 2021. Biden has a well-known history of making “gaffes” whenever he speaks in public and this townhall was no different. The 46th President managed to alienate and insult large amounts of his voter base, including racial minorities, with the responses he gave to some of the questions he was asked. This was difficult to do on a platform like CNN who is notorious for giving Joe Biden softball questions.

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Can we stop talking about Biden as if he is the president of anything

It’s a shame and a disgrace to have such puppet as a president .

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Patricia M Stepanian

To be honest, I don’t think this bumbling idiot was nominated by We The People. He was put into office as a puppet for the democratic party because they knew the only way to get a supposedly (black) woman as president was to go around the system. They wanted Kamala all along but with her reputation, couldn’t risk the loss of votes. He will not be a one term President, he won’t even make it to a 1/4 term President, before they get him out. Let’s face it, who in their right mind would vote for increased taxes and loss of jobs??? I still say, before the country is turned socialist and ruined, throw out the very controversial Nov 2020 election and have a redo, with safeguards to prevent the fraud that has been proven to take place, for example the 3am dump that changed the election.