The Great Reset: It Begins…

The Great Reset: It Begins...
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Russell Brand
– Klaus Schwab and the WEF tout their work in saving the world using environmental metrics called ESGs.

Top Comments:

Imagine you were born into an endless game of monopoly where the winner realized that instead of bankrupting everyone else, he could allow the other players to continue earning the 200 bucks for passing go and then lose it to him slowly over and over again. The other players are trapped in a hamster wheel that exists only to enrich the winner. Several generations later, more and more players realize what has been happening, and start finding ways to work together to become successful within the broken system. Now suddenly the “winner” thinks we need to “reset” the game with a new set of rules he has created. He says it is to benefit the other players. You are here.

We are living in the age of deception. Shout out to you russell for trying to bring the truth to the people.

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